10 September

The changes that took place at Kunzhaus between September 3rd and September 10th were phenomenal. With more completed rooms, a total transformation of the backyard, and the addition of many details throughout the house, the shoot on the 10th of September was amazing. This was the last session before Robert and Paulina returned to Poland for a brief respite. Not much work remains for the completion of Kunzhaus.














All images © Jessica Toro, Tyler Banash

A Quick Shoot

On August 27th one of Kunzhaus‘s upstairs rooms was filled with nothing but tools and building materials. By September 3rd, it had become the “burn room.” With only a few details remaining for completion, the dramatic change was absolutely astounding. In addition, the “mirrored rooms” were just shy of finalization and looked incredible. With efforts concentrated on the upstairs rooms, only small changes were seen throughout the rest of the house. The shoot on September 3rd was brief yet especially exciting and rewarding.




All images © Jessica Toro